Me Change

The 'Me Change' - A Movement of Meaning and Purpose

In response to COVID, there is evidence of a shift in lifestyle attitudes among city-dwelling professionals. The disaster has lifted a veil on how weak our social, economic and political systems really are, causing an existential crisis for many people. 

Organisations are restructuring their systems so that employees can work effectively from home with many making it optional to come to the office. 

Everybody is asking questions; What are we doing? How does city life serve us? What will the changes to workplaces look like in the long run? How can I adjust with the times and create the life I really want? 

An article from Bernard Salt (one of Australia’s leading social commentators and business analysts) commented recently: “Sea change and tree change 2.0 could mark one of the big social shifts of the 2020s.” 

Men At Work Agency believe society is creating an entirely new shift. We believe we are now entering the ‘Me Change’ movement. 

‘Me Changers’... 

Are looking for further meaning 

Are driven by more than just money 

Are wanting a healthy existence (exercise, eat well, mindfulness) 

Are focused on family and friends 

Are considerate to our earth and our tomorrow 

Are thoughtful in giving back





From strategy, through to delivery, metrics measuring success and ultimately sales, we execute what we present and keep you informed every step of the way.

And we are loyal to the core. We have clients with us today, that were there when we began in 2011.

Public Relations




A few years ago, we coined the phrase ‘Personal Relations’. Long gone are the days of clicking send on a list of 200 ‘media contacts’.

Today it is about spending time getting to know individuals, offering something great to share or a compelling angle to warrant editorial coverage.

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We like to get our people together, be it our friends, media, influencers or clients.

In this digital landscape we live in it is important to remember that people relate to people, and people buy off people.

By creating events without exorbitant cost or fanfare, we bring people together to create mutually rewarding partnerships.

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Activations. We like to call them stunts.

We create stunts that are clever and encourage interaction with consumers. The media landscape may have changed but a clever stunt will still get media coverage.

From Robots and Hercules to Hipsters and Mice, nothing is off-limits when it comes to making an impact.

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Creative Content




Content is about telling a story of the brand. Good content informs, educates, entertains and enlightens.

Consumers use it to either help make a purchasing decision, or to reinforce why they have made that decision.

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